Dear friend,

As you’ve surely heard, lawmakers are back at the Iowa Capitol this week.

We’ll be evaluating proposals by the Governor and legislators this session on how well they meet the common good.

Do they advance opportunity for every Iowan, or further privilege the already privileged few? Do they make smart investments in public services that set our state up for the future, or do they exacerbate existing inequalities and punch down on Iowans who are already face challenges?

Although many specifics are still to come, it’s safe to say we’re concerned. Recent initiatives by our state’s leaders have largely set Iowa on a race to bottom — on a course toward disinvestment and retrenchment, and away from our long history of educational achievement, pragmatic investment and mutual care.

Our legislative priorities this session offer an alternate vision:

  • Create an equitable tax system that asks the wealthiest Iowans and profitable corporations to pay their fair share and funds the services every Iowa family and worker needs to thrive
  • Strengthen Iowa’s workforce so everyone has the opportunity to earn a living wage in safe, respectful conditions
  • Expand quality, affordable child care and preschool so working parents can get to work and get ahead and every child can experience enriching early learning
  • Expand key health services so every Iowan gets the care they need to work, go to school and contribute to their communities
  • Ensure support for Iowans in times of need so every Iowa family can weather a crisis and stabilize their household in tough times
  • Recommit to strong public schools that set up every Iowa student, no matter their race or ZIP code, for success in life

Common Good Iowa is represented at the Capitol by a team of policy experts. Sheila Hansen manages our overall legislative strategy and specializes in early-childhood issues. Deputy Director Mike Owen leads our work on tax and budget and workforce issues. Policy Advocate Natalie Veldhouse leads our SNAP and food security work, and Senior Policy Advocate Kelli Soyer directs our efforts on health. Mike and Kelli both follow education issues.

We’ll be sending out frequent updates — we’ll keep them short and useful, we promise! — so when you see Common Good Iowa in your inbox, please give a click.

Anne Discher
Executive Director


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